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Business to Business Relationships


Pellucid Water seeks collaborate partnerships with companies in the application of its cold plasma reactors to solutions within specific market sectors.  These include the following:  

Water Treatment Manufacturers and Engineering Companies 

Pellucid Water provides innovative, low-cost solutions to existing municipal water supply, wastewater and stormwater treatment; industrial water and wastewater treatment; demineralization; desalination; landfill leachate remediation; and tertiary treatment systems for removal of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs).




Pellucid Water provides opportunities to companies to reduce production costs and increase performance of their composite materials.  Pellucid Water's cold plasma technology creates strong chemical bonds that replace conventional physical bonds.  Furthermore, cold plasma treatment reduces energy consumption and chemical costs, and provides simultaneous recovery and reuse of fiber and chemicals in wastewater. 


Business Innovators


Pellucid Water seeks to collaborate with start-ups companies in development of new composite materials.  Pellucid Water's cold plasma technology is typically more efficient than classical chemical processes, providing better performance capability and production efficiency.   

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