What is Pellucid Water?  Pellucid Water is a partnership between Dr. Sorin Manolache and Mark Raabe. 


What do we do?  The company markets commercial reactors for decontamination and disinfection of water, based on its proprietary application of cold plasma technology.


Company orgin?  Pellucid Water has its roots at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where Dr. Sorin Manolache was a research scientist at the Center of Plasma-Aided Manufacturing (CPAM).  Dr. Manolache left the University and started the company.  [Note: CPAM has since been decommissioned.]


Where are we located?


      Business Office:

              Global Water Center

              247 W. Freshwater Way, Suite 240

              Milwaukee, WI 53204-4116



        Research & Development Office:

                  5113 Flambeau Rd.

                  Madison, WI 53705-1303