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Pellucid Water

Working to solve the world's need for potable water and transform water / wastewater treatment



Welcome to Pellucid Water!  We are a technology company that uses plasma to develop solutions for water treatment and other applications.  Our technology is different from other companies by the following characteristics:


Type of Plasma

We use non-thermal plasma (a.k.a, cold plasma) for our treatment processes at ionization levels of approximately 10%.

Plasma Phase


We apply plasma directly to liquids.  This greatly increases the efficiency over other processes that create plasma in the gas phase and transfer it to liquids at the air/water interface. 

Plasma Method

We do not use advanced oxidation as the mechanism in our treatment process. We use a mechanism that is unique to Pellucid Water, called branching.

Water Treatment Objective

Our treatment process aggregates dissolved chemicals and precipitates them from solution, where they can then be recovered and reused as value-added products.  None of the chemistry is lost through volatilization.



We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our company and its unique plasma technology. We especially recommend that you visit our LIFT-Link page, which discusses information about our technology that was reviewed for use by the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF). 


Please contact us to discuss your specific questions and water quality needs. Thank you.


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