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Pellucid Water

Working to solve the world's need for potable water and transform wastewater treatment.



Our technology is effective for removal of the following chemical and biological agents:

  • inorganic compounds, such as iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, arsenic, radium

  • organic compounds, such as tannins, GRO, DRO, PCPPs and CECs

  • COD and BOD

  • viruses and bacteria





Pellucid Water's cold plasma technology affects chemical and biological reactions.  However, unlike current methods of water decontamination, it does not require the use of chemicals, ion exchangers, bioreactors, catalysts, and membrane-based systems.  The electrical discharge occurs at standard pressure and temperature, and with low energy requirements. 



Pellucid Water has potential application within many sectors of the economy, wherever water is pretreated for consumption or processing and wherever water is post-treated to remove accumulated wastes.






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